Birth.Eater Galaxy Black/Silver Smash


Birth.Eater Galaxy Black/Silver Smash

Black & Silver Galaxy
Limited to 500
First Time Ever Pressed On Vinyl Standalone

This is not a pre-order and will ship immediately

  1. Breather II
  2. The Family Disease
  3. The Constrictor
  4. Dead Speaker
  5. Mother Love
  6. In Birth
  7. Boneworks
  8. The Abortion Plan
  9. Boa
  10. I Came As Dust, I Left As Dust
  11. The Spine Collection
  12. Devil Walk, God Walk (Heaven Walk, Hell Walk)

Rise Records
SKU: OCNABE00BS-LP00 ID: 301180 Catalog ID: 837 Created: 10/07/2019