Self-Titled 09

American Nightmare      

Self-Titled 09

This Bundle Includes:
Self-Titled CD

Self-Titled Red Vinyl LP

Self-Titled Blue Vinyl LP

Self-Titled Cassette

Instant Tracks "The World Is Blue" sent at the time of purchase

Angel Red Heart Black Pullover Hoodie

War Black T-Shirt

Colder Than Death Black T-Shirt

Vinyl Pressing Limit
Red Limited to 300
Blue Limited to 700
White Limited to 1000

01. The World Is Blue
02. Flowers Under Siege
03. American Death
04. War
05. Gloom Forever
06. Lower Than Life
07. Colder Than Death
08. Dream
09. Crisis Of Faith

Album Release Date Is February 16th 2018

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Colder Than Death Black : T-Shirt

War Black : T-Shirt

Angel Red Heart Black : Pullover