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The Opposite Of December/Tear From The Red

Poison The Well      

The Opposite Of December/Tear From The Red

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  1. 12/23/93
  2. A Wish for Wings That Work
  3. Artist's Rendering of Me
  4. Slice Paper Wrists
  5. Nerdy
  6. To Mandate Heaven
  7. Not Within Arms Length
  8. Mid Air Love Message
  9. My Mirror No Longer Reflects
  10. Botchla
  11. Lazzaro
  12. Turn Down Elliot
  13. Rings From Corona
  14. Moments Over Exaggerate
  15. Horns and Tails
  16. Sticks and Stones Never Made Sense
  17. Pieces of You in Me
  18. Karsey Street
  19. Parks and What You Meant to Me

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