Volume 2


Volume 2

Volume II features 2 discs containing more from their early years including the albums "If It Weren't For Venetian Blinds It Would be Curtains For Us All" and "Rock Revolution Will Not Be Televised". Also included are covers of Slayer, Jawbreaker and Weezer!

  1. Grace Kelly With Wings
  2. We Believe In Karma
  3. Mess With The Bulls
  4. Dirty Harry And The Thunderbolts
  5. You Won't Be Seeing Me Again
  6. Rules For Mules
  7. Giddy Like A Schoolgirl
  8. All You Need Is Drums To Start A Dance Party
  9. If Marcus Garvey Dies, Marcus Garvey Lives
  10. Still We Let It Choke Us
  11. Mount Pleasant
  12. Location Is Everything
  13. Fat And Skinny Asses
  14. American Hearts
  15. They Don't Understand Us At The Academy
  16. David Lee Rock
  17. Where Have All The Classics Gone
  18. The Rock Revolution Will Not Be Televised
  19. American Hearts
  20. Grace Kelly With Wings
  21. Still We Let It Choke Us
  22. We Cannot Read Poetry
  23. Oh, Johnny
  24. South Of Heaven
  25. No One Else
  26. Bad Scene, Everyone's Fault
  27. Look, I Just Don't Like You
  28. Monkey Verses The Robot
  29. The Stalker

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